Trailed Tracks

There are several products available to convert planters to rubber tracks.  The brand with the most options at this time is CAMSO.  Both rigid or steerable axles may be available for transport and guidance modes.
Tracks are available for:
John Deere 1770NT – 1775NT – DB Series Planter
Case 1200 – 1240 – 1245 – 1250 – 1260 – 1265 – 2150

John Deere Planter Tracks – CLICK for Info
Case-IH Planter Tracks – CLICK for Info
Elmer’s Haul Master Grain Cart – CLICK for Info
CAMSO Trailed Track System – CLICK for Info
Elmer’s Transfer Track – CLICK for Info

CAMSO CTS/TTS Track Parts Manuals

Planter track’s have proven to increse corn yields in the entire field by 6 – 8% over the same planter outfitted with super single tires.  These yield gains normally pay for the cost of the upgrade to tracks in 1500 acres, even at today’s low corn prices. Most Deere DB and Case planters can be fit with track’s in 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, and 25″ width options.  Many customers install these track kits themselves in less than two days.

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